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Developer is taking pride in easy terms deal for small firms


To help Derby businesses bite back during the credit crunch, a developer has become the first to offer managed offices in Pride Park without a long lease personal guarantees or repair liabilities.

Melbourne Developments, which is developing the five acre Pullman Business Park on Pride Park, has invested £1m in its small business centre.

Pride Park Business centre was built to plug a gap in the market that has grown since the credit crunch started to bite.

It is the first and only managed business centre on Pride Park that offers space on an all inclusive basis and easy-in easy-out terms.

The managing director of Melbourne Developments, Errol Prime, has also struck a deal with Kavita Oberoi allowing occupiers at the Pride Park Business Centre to use Oberoi Consulting's conferencing facilities at a reduced rate.

Milner Commercial is the sole letting and managing agent for Pride Park Business Centre. Director Peter Milner said: "The hard lesson of the last recession demonstrated that there is always a demand for commercial property, its form and type simply changes and the successful developer has to change with it. For now the market will increasingly require quality space at the lowest cost and on the most flexible terms"

The individual units range in size from 270 sq ft to 700 sq ft and are designed to appeal to companies looking for flexibility and fixed weekly overheads.

Mr Milner said "During periods of economic slow down companies often need to either downsize in order to reduce costs or establish a foothold without major commitment. The Pride Park Business Centre has been designed to allow companies to do both."